They call me tiger. My boyfriends says I wear dead animals or in Dutch terms my name is Anita. I am laughing about a lot. I just love the leopard print. Just combine it in a good way! Above my new favorite item from Asos.com. Also the jacket is on his. Will receive it on Monday, let's see!  My friday night started good already, with going to bed at 22.00pm. I was so tired, I slept like a baby. Have a great weekend to you all. 




Here some pics from Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. I don't have many words to describe  just it's worth it to visit. Beautiful landscapes, good food and tasty wine. Very important the last one. Just guys, driving over there is a little risky. There are no drive rules in Italia. Just go with the flow haha. xxxx



YESSSAAAH! In spring I was thinking to buy them, but they said, Steph you better wait, in Summer you won't wear them. So since september is over, I thought let's buy some winter boots, still 25 degrees but okay here they are! The platform Dr. Martens. I just hope they will get a little more comfortable after wearing them sometimes, they are pretty stiff. I am doing a selection of my holiday pictures now guys! Will show them soon! 



Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day

Today we have one of the last good summer days. I will be in the Sun all day today. Above some september inspiration. The new collections are everywhere already, and like you can see, I'm a fan of the latex trend. On Tuesday I will go to Italy, Sorrento. I will show you some pics from overthere. Kisses



Trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible! It's almost over already again. So far my weekend is great already. Friday night it started with a romantic dinner in hotel W, yesterday we had a beach day with friends and today we go to Brunch Electronic. A perfect weekend, many nice activities included a lot of kisses. Enjoy your Sunday! 




The weekend has come! This weekend DGTL festival is here in Barcelona. I have been feeling bad the whole week. I actually don't have any energy to go party, but one more night to recover. So I will go bed early tonight and let's pray I wake up like new tomorrow. I have been ordering like crazy this week on Asos. The only thing which could make me feel better haha. I'm weak, I know it. This glasses above I also bought. The cat-eye is my favorite model at the moment. Have a great weekend baby! Kisses



Top: Zara  //  Shorts: Levi's  //  Scarf: Asos  //  Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell  

You should think these shoes are comfortable. I have blisters for a week now. It's a pain in the ass, I just love the shoes. They are too new I think. Anyway, a little outfit post above. I am not blogging that much anymore, other priorities at the moment. I still love to do it though. Living the life, working, drinking, shopping, beach and so on. Will try to think about you more often guys. 

Lots of love, Steph